Experiential Dining

chettinad cuisine

Traditional Lunch Hall

The Chettiars were well known for their opulence but also for their real world practicality. While they evolved their own style of eclectic sensibilities from their many travels, they also kept close their traditional preferences. This is reflected in the Lunch hall where the food was served off freshly cut plantain leaves and the food eaten with the hand from spartan tables devoid of any ornateness.

Simple presentation and rich content

The focus was on a simple ceremony in which the food was the center of attraction. This is rustic Chettinad cuisine at its finest – a unique mix of simple presentation, local flavours and rich content. The food is served in the traditional manner across the leaf as a multi course banquet served together surrounding the rice. The various dishes can number well above a dozen and each with its own identity, flavour profile and texture.

Classic dishes

Most dishes have been invented centuries ago and are enjoyed in the original format even today. The recipes have been handed down over generations and use ingredients selected from local sources.

The experience of dining

The process of dining is an experience in itself and the staff at Chidambara Vilas are at hand to guide you on the traditional method of partaking the meal, including how the various dishes are traditionally paired with each other for the best experience. It is also encouraged to eat with the hand as is the custom, and the staff themselves dress in the traditional “veshti” when serving at the Lunch hall.

At Chidambara Vilas, you can truly experience the combination of historical settings, traditional presentation and authentic flavours to understand the best of what this world famous cuisine has to offer.