Chidambara Vilas offers a range of activities customized to help you discover the Chettinad way of life. Tour the scenic surroundings and lush paddy fields that haven’t changed much throughout the last century. Learn about the powerful chettiar community’s history whilst walking through the halls of Chidambara Vilas. Enjoy watching folk dances and traditional dance forms done by professionals from the region. Ride into the town on the traditional bullock cart to interact with the local artisans specialising in jewellery, handicrafts and Tilework. Visit historical locations like forts and temples in the region and get a feel of centuries old traditions, lifestyles and rituals. And speaking of photography, the rustic Chettinad region is an photographers paradise with the myriad colors, amazing details and vast expanses.

Visitors to Chidambara Vilas can also take part in a variety of indoor activities for the whole family that are handpicked to provide a flavor of the region.