Dining Overview

chettinad cuisine

Dining Overview

The Chettinad cuisine is a product of the unique local flavours, landscape and ingredients that trace back to centuries ago when the region was adopted by Chettiars. It has also evolved from the broad exposure of the Chettiar business community through their travels to all parts of the world. Just like the architecture and furniture, the cuisine is unique to the region that lends it its name.

A unique culinary experience

Chidambara Vilas recreates the entire culinary experience from the historical context – from the preparation and presentation of food to the settings. This is done using three unique experiences – Interactive kitchen, Experiential dining and Fine Dining, each with deep ties to the culinary and historical background of the Chettiar lifestyle.

A range of tastes and settings

Experience the whole platter of Chettinad cuisine, from spicy fare that is served on freshly cut banana plantain leaves, to vintage cutlery in the very formal settings that the British Raj were entertained by the powerful Chettiar community and interact with local chefs preparing food using regional ingredients and traditional techniques.